Andy White
President/Executive Director
Arizona State graduate and former athlete, Andy founded Elite Sports Academy in 2015 and serves as the President and Executive Director. His passion for working with children along with over a decade of coaching experience led him to start the organization. Prior to ESA, he worked for Nike, Inc as a Community Outreach Ambassador. In this role, he saw firsthand the need for a cost-efficient summer camp that focused on keeping children active, and decided to act on his life long dream of starting the Academy. 
"I was lucky enough to come from a family that was extremely supportive, and constantly reminded me that I was capable of becoming anything I wanted to be. Throughout my entire childhood, my mind was only focused on one thing: sports. Growing up, my life consisted of playing soccer, basketball, football, baseball, and every other sport imaginable, 7 days per week, year-round. I noticed at a young age that many of my friends and classmates were not able to afford the luxury of playing year-round club sports, as the equipment, traveling, camps, and everything else that comes with it was too expensive for their families. At such a young age I did not fully understand why I got to do all of these things that many of my friends weren't able to, but all I know was that I didn't think it was fair. It was at that moment that I knew I wanted to provide a premium, fun, top of the line sports program for all children- regardless of financial situations. 15 years later, Elite Sports Academy was formed."