The Academy

ESA is home to The Academy, a 8-10 week long summer program held in North Portland.  The children (“athletes”) attending The Academy undergo elite training in basketball, soccer, football, and many other sports. In addition to the athletic training, the athletes also undergo multiple sessions focused on education each day.  The combination of athletic and academic training sessions provide the athletes with guidance in areas such as self-confidence, teamwork, leadership, nutrition and healthy living habits, and many more valuable subjects that will help them grow on and off of the court. 

Our Athletes

Each summer The Academy welcomes athletes from all over the Portland Metro area entering Kindergarten-12th grade the school year following the camp. These athletes have a passion for sports and the desire to push themselves to become the best people and athletes they can be. During the camp the athletes are split into three age groups, allowing them to compete with other athletes their same age.


Rookie Athletes – Kindergarten through 2rd grade

Our Rookies begin by learning the basics of the sports – from the rules and terminology to teamwork and sportsmanlike behavior. They are taught the fundamentals in order to instill a solid athletic and personal foundation that will serve them well in their later years. Our rookie athletes’ training is paired with fun games and activities throughout the day to help them fall in love with sports and exercise.


Pro Athletes – 3rd through 5th grade

The Academy’s Pro athletes build upon the foundation formed in the rookie stage, and start focusing on more advanced techniques and drills that will take their game to a whole new level. They will learn strategies related to the sports and more sophisticated skills to advance their game.


Elite Athletes – 6th through 8th grade

The Elite Athletes take their skills and talents and push them beyond their previous limits. Our coaches create training programs geared towards preparing the athletes to play in high school. The Elite Athletes learn advanced techniques and develop the skills necessary to compete at the highest level.

JuCo (Junior Coaches) - High School

High school students enrolled at ESA are part of our JuCo, or Junior Coach, program. While these athletes go through the same premium sports training as our other age groups, they also take on the role of assisting our coaches in teaching, mentoring, and being positive role models for our younger athletes. The JuCo program is perfect for developing coaching and leadership skills, as well as preparing these students for academic and athletic success beyond high school.

Our Coaches

ESA employs top-of-the-line coaches from around the country to provide elite training and coaching to our athletes. These individuals serve not only as instructors, but as mentors as well. They are coaches who have played at the collegiate level that bring their experience, passion, and love for the game to Academy athletes in order to help each athlete reach their highest potential.

*All staff, coaches, and captains are First Aid/CPR certified, background checked, and go through extensive annual training sessions.